To maintain your piano, it is important to have it tuned regularly. There are up to 236 strings in a piano. Each treble note has three strings, the tenor has two strings per note, and the bass has one. The strings are like muscles in the body: if you do not exercise your muscles on a regular basis, when you do they become sore and need time to adjust and settle. The same goes for piano strings. If the strings are neglected, when the piano is tuned again it will settle and will go out of tune faster. Regular maintenance means the strings will be more stable and will stay stronger and more pleasing to the ear for longer. Once or twice a year is a good minimum goal. If you are playing more frequently and/or teach, you will probably want to have your piano tuned every six months. Some have their piano tuned each season, as with each season there are different levels of humidity in the air. Much of the piano is made of wood, therefore humidity levels will affect the piano and create shifts.

A tuning takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete. If the piano has not been tuned for a long time, it will need both a pitch raise plus a regular tuning. This is another reason you do not want to wait too long. If your piano is significantly out of tune, tuning may place extra strain on the strings, which could lead to possible string breakage.

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