How often do you need to have your piano tuned?

Having your piano tuned on a regular basis is one of the most effective things you can do to keep your piano in the best shape possible.

Your piano is made of natural materials such as wood and felt. Both wood and felt will be affected by humidity levels. With higher humidity levels the materials will absorb moisture and expand, creating slight shifts in the instrument. As humidity levels decrease these materials will then shrink and in turn creating shifts within the piano again.

Another major component of the piano is the piano strings. For a lot of the notes you have three strings, some lower notes have two and the low bass notes have one large string. When the strings are tuned they stretch. Having your piano tuned regularly will keep the strings stable and moving smoothly.

With a brand new piano manufacturers recommend having your piano tuned four times in the first year to help stretch and stabilize the strings. After that twice a year is great to keep your piano sounding great. Some people are happier having it tuned more often and some choose to have their piano tuned once a year. Once a year would be the minimum to keep your piano maintained. If left too long the piano will need to have a pitch raise and require a few tunings to stabilize and get it back in shape.