What is regulation, how is it different from a piano tuning and why is my piano technician recommending it?

Piano regulation is adjustments made to the action, keyboard, damper system, and pedals. The piano is made of many parts and to keep it moving smoothly as a whole, each part needs to be in the right spot, aligned and adjusted properly.

Will a regulation affect the sound of your piano? The regulation will make the feel and touch of the piano smoother and more enjoyable to play. It will eliminate any hindrances that may be in the way of your playing. So yes it does affect the way your piano sounds in that it makes touch and sound consistent.

Your piano is made up of a lot of natural materials including wood and wool. This means that with each season change and the fluctuation of humidity levels all the little parts making up the piano will shift and need adjustments over time to return it to its best self.

Regulation makes the piano play as dynamic as possible. To have the finest control of your piano regulation is important.

Tuning your piano is very important and should be done regularly but a tuning focuses on the piano’s pitch, not on the touch and uniform responsiveness of the keys.